lauantai 22. lokakuuta 2016

Myöhäisestä ajankohdasta johtuen en jaksa nyt kääntää tätä suomeksi, kun nukkuakin pitäisi.

I just watched and processed a documentary on brain and quantum physical applications of it ( you can watch it here, it was monotonous which made it hard to follow, the beginning of it is quite basic things but the last 20 minutes are rather entertaining. I am also aware that you should always maintain a healthy amount of critique towards any source that calls itself FREEDOM TV ). One of the main points being that our attachments to our own belief systems prevents us from observing the patterns of reality, which grant us the possibility of having a free will (I am simplifying it a bit). I found it rather intriguing that this doc sold you the idea of your own belief systems distracting you WHILST offering you information that probably tickles your belief system itself (time is an illusion that is based on our false perceptions, in its core it is true, but it does not mean that we could break free from the illusion) it seemed like a really delicate trick to pull through. 

But it made it even more clear to me why I always found zen buddhism so important; because when you are sitting in zazen, you are observing those patterns. You are observing the nature of your consciousness as it is, and the sensory input feedback loop that you are becomes very familiar in time. You observe your consciousness and the existing world simultaneously when you stop observing neither one. As Shunryu Suzuki puts it, your mind includes all. The reality is included inside your consciousness, and that is the only frame of reference you can have considering the limitations of reality. We are all inside of it, but it is all inside of us too. Everything is more or less the same thing seen from a different perspective, as it all exists inside your mind.
Confused enough? Good. Come see me play tomorrow at Joensuu. The party starts at 19.00, at Työväentalo, Jokitie 4 I think.

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