perjantai 10. joulukuuta 2010

Cut To Fitin myspaceen tuossa aamulla.

I've been saying this a lot lately, but internet seems to be in the beginning of the state of decline. It has become rotten and corroded web of.. well, mostly commercials. Money creeps in to every fucking page, and every needless flash-based shit advert jumping to my screen just gets my blood pressure soaring, and I think I'm not the only one. Yes, I know there's a simple answer called AdBlock. This is about the common sense, ethics and other bullshit. Internet in my opinion should be a broad road we all could walk and share our thoughts and keep in touch, but becouse we live in the world of capitalism, nothing is free and at least you can't enjoy free internet without assuring that you at least have an intention of buying SOMETHING these jumping flashbangs have to offer.

The other thing that really gets me, is how every website is slowly becoming Facebook. If I'd want to be in Facebook, I'd create an account. For me, and it seems that everyone else too, Myspace was good as it was, simple, light if you want it to be, easy to use. Now it is just a cheap Facebook ripoff, and if all our records wouldn't say "For complete lyrics, go to", I would probably erase this profile. I have a 10Mb broadband connection, and even then the frontpage was too heavy to roll smoothly, and I had to type password three times, cos it always left something out because of Fergie and palls doing absolutely nothing on the screen. This seems as a desperate cry, a reaching hand that tries to grab anything it can to pull itself out of the swamp it is slowly drowning into.

Third thing is how even our education system is more and more web-based, since every school has their own web system. Which is "handy", from the teacher's point of view, becouse now students do all the work themselves. This is called "giving us tools for the real life", but in my opinion educational institutes should be places where you go to learn, not to over load your brain with meaningless information. Of course it is the world we live in, fast paced, information-bombarded heap shit society, where it is our responsibility to filter what is true and what is bullshit, but I think most of for example sixteen-year-olds who start their high school or whatever lack this ability. They are still kids. I know, because I remember myself in that age. I thought I was ready as a person, but now I see the world was so fucking black and white back then. I know this same development will go on (hopefully) as long as I am alive. And that is awesome. Because I want nothing more, than to learn how this world revolves and what really keeps mankind alive this long.

I hope this world realises it can't become much heavier plase, or it will collapse. We need a change. In everything. We need to get rid of these systems we have now, and if we'd get all the poor and unfortunate ones to get up their feet and understand their value, it would take more than nation of millions to hold us back. This world is ours. You are free to do anything you want, in spite of being laughed at or ridiculed, because you want to do something others consider stupid. So fucking what, it's just one and only human life you have. I go get some coffee.

Patience and mutual understanding


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